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Despite appearances, not all service dogs are legit. America Now reached out The Dog Knowledge to learn more about “fake” service dogs. Check out the video that aired this morning! Read the transcript below:   About 50 million people live with at least one disability, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports most of us will need one at some point in our life. Service dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. They help the disabled live an independent life. Most of us have seen one wearing a special vest, collar or harness. What you may not realize is that some of these dogs are actually wearing a bogus badge and are not service dogs at all. Fake service dogs are an unfortunate trend that continues to rise, and they’re not doing a service to those who really need them because the fake ones create safety, health and legal problems for businesses and communities. Greater awareness will help stop the trend and here’s how you can spot one. Trained to signal, Brio helps her handler spot the smallest trace of peanut to prevent an emergency. Scarlett can save the life of her diabetic human by scent detection of high and low blood sugar. Ivy is trained to do the everyday tasks that someone with a mobility disability couldn‘t do alone. Improving someone’s livelihood or saving their life is every service dog’s job. But it’s one easily impersonated by household pets because of unethical owners trying to reap special privileges by duping the public. “I’ve seen a service pig, I’ve seen a service cat, I’ve actually seen a service parrot,” said Debbie Lange who is with The Dog Knowledge, a members only fitness, training and social club for dogs. Chances are, you’ve seen a fake service animal, too. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) considers the use of a fake service dog a federal crime and in some states the offense is punishable with fines. Even though it may be regarded as a crime, it’s hard to enforce because a phony dog, or any other animal, is hard to detect. “Technically, they don’t even need to wear a vest,” Lange pointed out. Many fake service dogs wear fake vests which appear legitimate because it’s easy to purchase authentic-looking insignia collars, badges, identification cards and jackets online. They can be put on nearly any household pet to help...

Russell, meet Truman: Your New Companion and Service Dog!

This past year The Dog Knowledge located in Charlotte, NC has received more and more phone calls to train service dogs and therapy dogs and much of our energy has gone toward helping out families that desperately need a service dog but can’t afford the high price or the lengthy wait to obtain one of these amazing dogs. We have a waiting list for individuals needing a service dog due to the fact that we first must find the right kind of dog with the right kind of temperament before we even begin training.  Once we find a young dog with potential, it can take months for training obedience as well as the skills that are needed to work with the disabled. Lately, we have been contacted by the commanding officers for several soldiers and veterans who are in need of service dogs.  We feel these brave young men deserve to be put at the top of The Dog Knowledge waiting list for all they have done and sacrificed to keep our country safe.  Shown here is Russell who is being introduced to Truman, his active service dog.  Russell’s deployment in Afghanistan was not a pleasant job.  Russell was in charge of dealing with mortuary remains and over time this gruesome job took its toll on Russell.  Russell is suffering from PTSD and periodically goes into states of depression over all that he experienced and saw while in Afghanistan. The Dog Knowledge was contacted by Russell’s Recovery Care Coordinator who asked us if we could help out.  “Gladly!” we told him.  The dog trainers at The Dog Knowledge volunteered their service dog training skills and donated their time and energy to train one year old Truman to be a wonderful service dog with excellent obedience.  Truman was also trained to “interrupt” Russell with a nudge of his nose anytime Russell exhibited moodiness, etc.  Also in the event that Russell had a panic attack, Truman has been trained to press a life alert button to call 911. Word spreads quickly and we received several additional calls from Fort Bragg.  Last week, The Dog Knowledge trainers met with another soldier, Billy who was one of the brave Green Berets stationed in Afghanistan who came home as an amputee.  Billy has requested a service dog  to     assist him in a variety of mobility functions when Billy is not wearing his prosthesis. Good...

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