Sam’s Town Boarding Cottages


New Additions!

The dogs are enjoying some of our new additions here at The Dog Knowledge like our new picnic tables and doggy day care playground!...

Social Dynamics in Sam’s Town

When we designed our unique boarding cottages, Sam’s Town our goal was to duplicate a home-like environment as much as possible.  Each cottage has a TV, ceiling fan, individual heat and air that turns off and on as the temperature fluctuates.  Many of the same sounds your dog hears in his own home.  What surprised us was the social dynamics that developed between the dogs during their stay over Christmas when Sam’s Town was completely full.  Each morning, at daybreak the cottages were opened up so that everyone could rise and shine and come out for a play period.  Walking through the grassy turf, we couldn’t help but laugh because like clockwork there was Keebler sitting on his bed peering out of his window, waiting for our arrival.  We appointed him the mayor of Sam’s Town for his vigilance regarding who was coming and going. As soon as the doors were open, “most” of the vacationers bounded out to greet us, the world and each other.  After everyone had finished doing their morning business, play ensued with our happy bunch of campers.  Mayor Keebler didn’t join in the frolicking until Day 2 but sniffed his way through the crowd.  One by one the campers began to take interest in each other’s cottage.  So together they went from door to door to check out the digs of their neighbors. Some of the dogs merely stood back and let their new friends have a look.  Other’s seeing the pack headed for their new house ran ahead and blocked the entrance with a “you are not invited” stance.  A pair of Chihuahuas stood like sentinels in their doorway and simply told the pack that under no circumstances was anyone entering their new house.  Play went on for quite some time and then we noticed, one by one all the overnighters returned to their cottage to wait for breakfast.  At that moment, we couldn’t help but feel that all the thought and expense that went into the design of Sam’s Town was well worth the...