Linda M.

"Riley, Zach and Brody LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it there. We never have to worry about them, the staff is just GREAT. We call in and get updates when away for more than a couple of days. One time when I went to pick them up Brody was in the middle of the pack outside and Zach and Riley were in their cottage just chillin'!! Couldn't recommend The Dog Knowledge more highly."

Julie M.

"I used them to train my two pocketpit/lab mix puppies in a 6-week course. They were excellent!  I can't say enough good things.  Their trainers are amazing.  The "before and after" snapshot of my pups is remarkable! They have a wide variety of programs, and they're worth every penny.  Finding someone this reputable is not easy in my area.  The conditions in which the animals live are very nice -- I would be fine living there!  They come out to your house to follow up on the end result, too."

Robert P.

"Archie had never been away from us, so it was a difficult decision to send him to the 4-week training camp at The Dog Knowledge. He went in a high strung, we'll do it my way kind of guy and came out with a new attitude. Archie still will escape to chase our outside cats, but now he will reliably come when called the first time -- this is something that never would have happened before attending The Dog Knowledge classes. He also is getting ready to take his Therapy Dog Certification exam, and I feel sure he will pass.

I had a lovely dog to start out with that was sometimes out of control, and now I have a reliable buddy I can take anywhere, and he will be a perfect gentleman. Thanks to all the wonderful staff who dedicate their lives to helping dog owners like me have the best relationship with my dog. I take Archie weekly for small sessions because he enjoys it so much -- the refresher sessions are free -- part of the cost of the package. Each time Archie arrives 4 to 6 staff members come up and greet him by name. He then turns to me to tell me how happy he is to see them. This is as good as it gets.

The trainers are kind but get the dogs in training to do what they want because they are intelligent. The living quarters are lovely -- if they were bigger I'd come for a stay myself -- swimming, tread mills, TV, all sorts of exercise equipment, how neat this place is."

Russell W.

"The Dog Knowledge did an exceptional job training my Labrador Retriever. They took their time explaining what he learned and how he learned it. They even spent a couple hours going over the proper techniques before I took him home. I am very pleased with information they provided and continue to provide. The DVD was awesome!! I will certainly work with TDK in the future. The employees are friendly and compassionate with what they do."

Carolyn B.

"Every single person I have been in contact with at The Dog Knowledge has been pleasant and informative.  Excellent training with a professional team approach!  Thank you so much for training and certifying Ava as my service dog!  She is just awesome!  She has made such a positive impact on my life!  Also you did an outstanding job with my boxer rescue, Jenny, and certifying her as a therapy dog!  You will always come highly recommended by me!"

Vickie G.

"As the daughter of a veterinarian, I know how important training is to the well-being of a dog and his quality of life with people.  When we rescued a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, I went looking for a trainer who used positive reinforcement and understood the latest research in animal behavior. Anyone who used shock collars for training was immediately deleted from the list. I tried several companies and knew there had to be one that better understood and cared about dogs and could teach me how to be a better owner.  The Dog Knowledge had the answers!

Bebe went through 3 weeks of training over a year ago. The results were impressive. Not only did she know how to sit, lie down, stay on place, walk perfectly on a leash (and more), she was a relaxed, happy, confident dog. Debbie, the owner, and other trainers had carefully prepared a session with the family to demonstrate and explain how to communicate with Bebe.

Since that time we have boarded Bebe while we’re out of town, done refresher sessions and dropped in just to run around the grounds with other dogs. On each occasion, the service has been terrific. I’ve watched how they work with each dog and have seen dogs with severe problems become happy, obedient pets. They are always ready to answer questions and help in so many ways.

I have purposely waited this long to write a review to be sure that I would still be impressed with The Dog Knowledge. Without reservation, I recommend these professionals who understand and CARE about dogs and the people who love them."

Stephanie M.

"My decision to purchase a Groupon for an assessment by a trainer was what I thought would be one more futile attempt at finding someone that could help undo the negative effects of training by an e-collar. Although the collar was only used for a year, it left my Golden Retriever, Sydney with a legacy of behavioral and psychological issues that I've been struggling with for almost 4 years. It was with much skepticism that Sydney and I walked in the door of TDK one Wednesday to sit down (well, I was sitting and Sydney was panting and pacing) for our meeting with Debbie.

It took less than 30 minutes of some behavior changes and Sydney was sitting calmly at Debbie's feet while she and I had one of the first civilized conversations I've been able to have in a long time without being 'nagged' by my dog! By the time we finished our session, it was me that was panting and pacing....with anticipation of getting Sydney started on some of the recommended exercises as well as giving consideration to other suggestions for reshaping his behavior. In just the few days since my visit, Sydney is a different dog and I am in awe!

Thank you, Debbie for probably saving my sanity and showing me the sweet, smart and obedient dog that was there all along."

John S.

"I have taken my dog to The Dog Knowledge since they opened, and it's by far the best place for animals.  I mostly used their boarding facilities (imagine a Wisteria Lane of cottages for dogs!), but I've also witnessed a lot of dog training in their gym/facility.  Hands down, it will be the place I take my next puppy for training, as well as it's boarding!  Debbie, the owner, is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the business, and her care/love for the dogs is very apparent.  You will love this place!!"

Kimberly M.

"The Dog Knowledge is special and wonderful!  Whether you are looking for exceptional training, a full-service facility to come and work and play with your dog and meet other dog lovers, or a place that you can board your dog with absolute trust that your dog will have a great time and be very well taken care of--TDK is for you.  It is evident in so many ways that the owner and every single member of the TDK team love dogs and take great care to get to know their human and canine clients.  Everyone there treats my dog as if he were one of their own. The facility itself is very unique--every little detail conveys that this is a well-run, friendly and welcoming place.  I highly recommend The Dog Knowledge!"

Elaine O.

"We have always had golden retrievers and have never had any problem training them. Our last two were from the same father, but about a year and half apart and they got along perfectly. After they passed, we wanted two again and so we bought two from the same litter. (Note to self: never do that again.) The problem was that they bonded with each other and not us and as a result, didn't listen to us. When they turned five months old we threw our hands up in defeat and went to The Dog Knowledge.

They suggested enrolling one at a time in their 3-4 week obedience training program, thereby allowing the one at home to bond with us, while they worked with the other one. At the end of the first four weeks, we switched dogs. It worked beautifully. We now have two well trained dogs, who naturally still test us, but know we are the pack leaders, not them! The Dog Knowledge goes above and beyond. They not only trained each dog separately, but at the end of the second training, they worked with both of them together.

Too, you can certainly tell how much each of our dogs adore Dennis, their trainer. They truly go nutty when they see him. My first consultation was with Debbie, the owner, and her knowledge is deep and impressive. Front office manager/go to person who seems to know everything, Cora, is a delight with which to work. There's nothing she can't answer and her compassion and sensitivity makes you feel like you and your dogs are indeed her favorites. Alas. I know better. I've seen her treat everyone the same!

Once you're a member (a nominal fee per month) you can go to as many refresher classes as you want, plus they offer other fun classes for a small fee. Daycare, boarding, etc. are all a part of their offerings. Great place! Charlotte is very lucky."

Lisa K.

"I was so impressed with the trainers and the facility. I loved the idea of Sam's Town. Makes leaving your dog so much better. Our dog Ivy spent 4 weeks in basic obedience. She is such a joy now. No real problems prior to training but definitely an untrained puppy. She is calm and confident. Heels well. The place bed is not to be believed!!! It was worth it just for that. My worries prior to leaving her were that she would not remember me. Not to worry. Your dog will definitely remember you. It is pricey, but worth every cent!! It's a life long commitment so the cost is definitely worth it. I would highly recommend it. Trainers are the best. it's fun to visit and watch train, and to take classes. The dogs love it there too. It seems like they are very happy there."

Toni S.

"The Dog Knowledge is THE BEST place for dogs to play, train and board.

I rescued a dog that had been physically abused and then abandoned. Struggling on her own for survival created some food and toy possession issues when she got around other dogs. I called several dog training facilities seeking help, and The Dog Knowledge was the only place where my call didn't go straight to a voice mail system. After talking extensively with Debbie, we agreed that my dog would benefit from the one-month residency training program. Here we are a couple of years later, and my dog has retained everything she learned in the course. TDK is absolutely her most favorite place to be in the entire world!!! She is overjoyed to "go play at school," as we call it, when we take her for daycare. The staff is very attentive. They take the time to get to know dogs individually and place them in cohesive play groups. My dog has several "best friends" at TDK, and I know she is a much happier, more socially adjusted dog as a result.

In addition to their marvelous training facilities and daycare fun, their newly installed swimming pool rocks! You'd think that dogs inherently know how to swim, but that is not always the case. They can fear being around water just as much as humans, so TDK now offers swim lessons. How awesome is that?! My dog loves the pool. I cannot praise Debbie and her staff enough for their genuine love and demonstrated affection toward every single dog that enters their door!!!

My 8-year-old nephew recently went with me to pick up my dog from daycare, as he had never been there before and wondered what TDK was like. After we walked in the front door, he looked around and asked if it was really a place for dogs. I told him that it really was, and he replied, "They have some good cleaners here. It doesn't smell like dogs at all." I'd never thought about it before, but he was absolutely right. Kudos for their excellence in cleanliness, too! We love everything about The Dog Knowledge!!!!!!!!"

Tracey R.

"From my very first phone call to bringing my puppy home from training, my experience with The Dog Knowledge could not have been better. Debbie Lange and her staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience that was such a reassurance to a new puppy owner like myself.

They took my 7 month old puppy who was very high spirited, as well as skittish, and returned to me a happy, confident puppy that can follow instructions, stay on her place bed, heel on a walk at whatever pace I choose, interact positively with other dogs and generally be a joy to have around. They even taught her to sleep in her crate without any protest! The best part is that all of this was done without the use of a shock collar!

While at The Dog Knowledge my puppy was so happy and well taken care of, and they kept me posted on her progress and well being through emails, pictures and even a video. When we picked her up, Debbie and Jeff spent more than 2 hours teaching us how to continue with our puppy’s training. Furthermore, since I have had her home, they have followed up with an at home visit, and I have taken her (and me) to The Dog Knowledge for a little refresher!

I can’t say enough about my experience with this facility, and although we live more than 90 miles away, it is well worth any travel inconvenience to have had such a wonderful experience."

Gregory M.

"My girlfriend and I purchased a Husky puppy who was around 3 months old when we got her.  We brought her home, and she had some behavioral issues, including a troubling food-aggression issue.  We brought her to The Dog Knowledge on the recommendation of a friend, and enrolled her in the 3 week obedience school training program. We weren't allowed to see our puppy for 3 weeks so that we didn't distract her from her training, but the staff at The Dog Knowledge did post a video of her training to youtube about half-way through so that we could see her progress.  They kept her for an extra 5 days (at no extra charge) to make extra sure her training stuck.

The difference upon Harley's return from the program is like night and day.  The food aggression is gone, she doesn't pull at all when walking (which can be a real problem with Huskys), and she just has an overall respect for humans that she didn't exhibit before.  I was somewhat worried that by training her in a program such as this that her personality would change, and that she wouldn't be as fun-loving, but that is clearly not the case.  When we picked up Harley, we received a brief training course ourselves so that we can keep up with the training, and not allow Harley to fall back into any bad habits.

While the program isn't cheap, my girlfriend and I have been saying that it's the best money we've ever spent, especially because we now will have a perfectly behaved dog that is a pleasure to walk for the next 15 or so years.  I wholeheartedly recommend The Dog Knowledge to anyone who wants an obedient, well-behaved dog, regardless of the issues they are having.  I would like to send a special thanks to Dennis (Harley's trainer), and Debbie (Owner) for taking such good care of Harley, and helping her to become a perfectly behaved puppy.  Thanks!"

Susan B.

"The Dog Knowledge is amazing. I have a 10 year old dog that developed severe thunder phobia and separation anxiety a year ago. I had been told by numerous people that at her age there was nothing that could be done. The Dog Knowledge made a commitment that if they assessed her and felt they could help they would be 100% committed to working with her. Thunder phobia is gone. Still working on separation anxiety but true to their word they are committed to helping and have continued her training beyond the package time.

I also discovered that I had a very social dog who greatly enjoyed the company of others. Our quality of life is so much better. I continue to take her to day care a couple of days per week. I love seeing her so happy and it gives me a peace to know that in her senior years she is happy and content with her life. Money well spent."