Puppy Socialization

In a puppy’s life, there are windows of opportunity for important events. If the puppy has positive experiences at these times, she will develop to her potential. If she doesn’t experience life at an early age, her psychological growth is stifled, and she’ll be fearful in new situations. An extremely respected fellow trainer recently said […]

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Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Coprophagia has grossed out and confounded many pet owners and veterinarians for a long time. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an effective way to stop dogs from eating their poop, although Benjamin Hart, DVM, PhD, DACVB, did offer some interesting statistics on the topic. He cited a recent, unpublished study that included information

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Treats as Rewards

WHEN OWNERS ASK IF THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE EXPECTED TO USE TREATS AS REWARDS… With dogs there are a handful of Primary Reinforcers: Two of the most obvious are Food & Water. Secondary Reinforcers include Praise, Clicker, Toys, etc. In other words, those things that a dog requires to survive are Primary Reinforcers. Those things

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The Magic Pill

IS THERE A MAGIC PILL TO CORRECT A DOG’S BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS? “YES” Weekly we are visited by concerned dog owners who have “issues.” More importantly, these well meaning owners have fallen victim to watching quick fixes by TV whisperers who with a session of strategic “shhhssing” commands transform a snarling vicious dog into the perfect

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